Evaluation through Psychometric Test


Psychometric basically refers to the measurement of the mind and helps the recruiter to comprehend the mental state of candidate.

Unlike facets such as qualification, skills and expertise, experience, appearance and punctuality are easy to evaluate during an interview but the behavioural and personality traits of a candidate can be much more difficult to assess during short spam of an interview.

In recruitment process Psychometric testing can help in measuring various number of attributes including the person’s intelligence, critical reasoning, motivation and personality profile.  It aims to provide measurable, objective data that can analyse the candidate’s suitability, perhaps provides a fair and accurate way of assessing a candidate.

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What does Psychometric Testing do?

There are different types of tests but generally it’s been used to measure, how people differ or react in their motivation, values, priorities and opinions with regard to different tasks and situations. It can give the recruiter an idea about the candidate that whether they can acculturate the pressure and keep positivity or motivated in tough situations at job.

In terms of personality, the tests can give an indication of the working style done by a candidate and how they interact with both their environment and peers or fellow workers.

The tests are helpful in analysing the ‘unseen’ traits of an individual.

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Importance of Psychometric Test:

 Evolving our self in the new age of modern recruitment process, psychometric testing is one of the key element in recruitment industry that has often synergies between the recruiter and jobseeker when making an important hiring decisions. Other important aspects are

  • Standardisation in Recruitment Process:

 Psychometric testing adds a level of standardisation and objectivity to the traditional recruitment process by helping to remove the unconscious biasness in selection decisions and unstructured interview process.

  • Improvising Assessment Process:

 It helps in quantifying human behaviour and its associated impact on the bottom line which is one of the most difficult challenges in the organisation.

Correlating assessment and recruitment, results to the outcome such as job performance, turnover percentage, engagement and commitment.

  • Branding Impact:

The use of standardised selection processes can create a powerful impact on employer’s brand. Candidates are attracted to modern recruitment and selection processes and they often notice the objective behind in approaching them to assess their capability, which is one of the key reason behind their satisfaction with the recruitment process.

  • Shaping the HR Strategy Plan:

Quality data is essential in shaping an effective HR strategy. As when linked to individual job performance data, psychometric test results can produce lead indicators to help in selection, talent management, employee engagement, understanding organisational culture and succession planning with a high degree.

Bottom line is that if the organisations are serious about attracting and retaining the best talent they should take advantage of these tools rather than just rely on subjective selection methods.






How To Attract Passive Candidates?

To hire Passive candidates is one of the most challenging recruitment activities. Passive candidates are those who are not actively hunting for job but are mostly the accurate candidate which the recruiter are looking for as the match the exact qualification and experience as per the requirement.

It is often thought that the most skilled workers are happy with their job but they may be interested in discussion and grabbing the opportunities if they get as per their right choice.

Why passive candidates?

Best Talent & Best Quality of Skill Sets: Passive candidates are the potential long-term, top quality candidates. They have the exact specific skill set as per the organization is seeking for.

Stability: If you’re hiring a passive candidate, it obviously shows that they are willing to remain in a job long-term since they have chosen themselves to join at your organization by seeking all their criteria.

Less attrition Ration: Less competition as they won’t be interviewing anywhere else. A typical passive candidate will not be taking part in interviews anywhere else, so you don’t have to be worried they’ll be taking another job.

Less Frauds: They’re unlikely to ‘stretch the truth’ on their Resume. If they’re coming from a similar role, you can count on the fact they haven’t lied what they have written in their profile,

So to target the passive candidates would mean that you’re tapping into the best potential fella. But here the point arises that-

“How To Recruit Passive Candidates” –

All though passive hiring is one of the most time consuming task for the recruiters but a very tough task to get them inside the organization. Generally, Recruiters don’t have to convince active candidates but passive candidates definitely need coaxing. Job postings sometimes don’t work for them even aggressive sales tactics falls flat beside them. Recruiting passive candidates is about developing relationships, which takes time, energy, and resources. The process of searching for passive candidates is sometimes called as “poaching,” but to get the best recruiter has to bear the pain; well said “No Pain No Gain”

  1. Social Media- Social Media is one of the great source for the passive candidates. You can Publish in Twitter, LinkedIn, Official Facebook site, your official website about your work culture, do branding about the skill sets or Agile methodology you work on through different sites like Xing, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Talk about the challenging role. Blogging about your product. Even encourage your employees to be social enthusiast and ask them to update their profile properly so that seeing the profile of your present employees you can attract the best passive talents.
  2. Cultivating Resource Pool – There are two different ways to increase talent pool


  1. Through existing employee i.e., Employee Referral
  2. Your Existing Professional Network


  1. Employee Referral- Generally employees refer his friends once he himself is satisfied with the work, company culture, growth path of the company. And first he himself confirms whether he is secure in this company. So, to enhance employee referral program first you have to make happy and motivating culture for your existing employee. Keep attractive bonus for “Referral Policy “then automatically your existing employee will do the branding and encourage the passive candidates to join your organization.
  2. Existing Professional Network- There are different professional network sites where you can publish your job posting but remember the Job Title you choose it should be attractive and improved so that it is easily understandable to those people whom you want to hire. LinkedIn is one of the best site where you can publish your Job and even share in different groups and get introduced to those who are not in your list by the help of your connection.
  3. Better Compensation, Growth, Benefits and Work culture- Since passive candidates are very comfortable with their current job and they are not so active to change their job, the other to attract them is to give best compensation, show them the growth path of the company and add-on will be the other benefits given to them like work from home, free insurance for their family etc.

But Recruiter’s should also remember that all passive candidates are not attracted to money, some also seek for more challenging work, Agile methodology techniques (Scrum technology) etc.

So, remember when you are hiring Passive candidates you have to be very calculative in your methods you choose……as you’re hiring the best.


Evangelizing the use of Social Media platform in Talent Acquisition

social media

Now days it is hard to be away from Social media platform if we want best talents & Geeks.

In today’s trends having a well-defined social media brand can help to attract the best passive as well as active talents.
In fact, through social media companies can sell their workplace cultures not just to attract the right candidates but also
influence their decisions about where to work, and attract like-minded talent.

In addition,
social media is path to attract the next-generation workforce.It is one of the ideal medium for employeer to broadcast their social mission in
order to attract high quality candidates.Best platform to find new talents and best practices for recruiters to overcome with their targets.

Start-ups can be one of the key user for branding as well as getting best talent entrepreneurs  with cost effective.